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Tomorrow's Power Starts Today

Our Story


The increasingly extreme weather events that we are witnessing today are shining an urgent light upon the potentially devastating effects of climate change and the need to accelerate global decarbonization. A primary challenge of this decarbonization journey will be the balancing of power from intermittent renewable assets that will be increasingly displacing traditional hydrocarbon baseload power capacity with the dispatchable power generating assets that are critically needed for grid stability and flexibility in a well-managed grid comprised of resilient power generating assets and attendant storage in an integrated grid.

Kamino Energy Ltd was conceived as a coming together of a group of young, enterprising, and dedicated professionals with solid educational backgrounds and an unwavering commitment to assist and support its clients. These partners realized that they had different but complimentary professional backgrounds and decided to join forces to execute a common vision for the continent of Africa. The vision we shared was to develop cost effective energy projects and to do so in a way that would contribute to the decarbonization of the planet.

Who We Are

Kamino Energy Ltd is a renewable energy power plant developer focusing on the development of intermittent and base load power generation assets across the continent of Africa. Specifically, we have a strong focus on renewable energy solutions including Solar, Wind, Hydro, Waste to Energy and Battery Energy Storage Systems. That said, we also focus on the development of traditional power generating facilities burning fuels such as natural gas and other fuels. It is the foundation of our belief in Hybrid solutions that can produce true and sustainable benefits that are achievable when different energy sources can both leverage off each other’s strengths and compensate for others’ weaknesses. This approach is never a one size fits all solution and, accordingly, our business model is configured to provide the right solution for each client and in every country in which we operate. Our commitment is to bring efficient, clean, and cost-effective energy solutions to each unique situation everywhere.

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